Android Auto will appear on Harley-Davidson bikes this year already.

In recent years, the Android Auto platform has become commonplace on most cars. And now this platform will be used on motorcycles as well. Thus, the company Harley-Davidson announced that it plans to update some of the existing motorcycles in such a way as to add them support for the software platform Google.

For owners of motorcycles Touring, Trike or CVO model range 2014 or more, which are equipped with its own infotainment system Boom! Box GTS, it is possible to install Android Auto by yourself or through a dealer. It will be possible to do it already in the beginning of summer 2020. If the motorcycle is not equipped with a Boom! Box GTS, Harley-Davidson will offer to buy it as a separate component. In addition, as Harley-Davidson notes, all motorcycles Touring, Trike or CVO model range 2021 with Boom! Box GTS will be shipped initially with the installed software platform from Google.

The Android Auto software platform allows you to use Google Maps for navigation, work with the Google Virtual Assistant and manage music playback. It will be enough to connect your smartphone to the infotainment system of the motorcycle via USB cable.

Samsung has introduced components for LED lights, designed with human physiology in mind. They will help you concentrate or relax.

Samsung Electronics has introduced its first line of LEDs LM302N, created with the peculiarities of human physiology. They are distinguished by a carefully selected light spectrum and allow you to regulate the level of melatonin in the human body, so you can achieve the desired effect of lighting - relaxation or concentration.

As explained in Samsung, the synthesis of melatonin, a hormone that regulates the sleep and wake-up cycle, depends on the intensity of light in the range of cyan - between green and blue. Brighter lighting with a predominance of radiation in the cyan spectrum suppresses the production of melatonin in the body, increasing concentration and making people feel more alert. Similarly, a decrease in the intensity of this spectrum minimizes changes in the natural level of melatonin in the body, thus helping to improve sleep quality.

The new range includes two types of LEDs: daytime and night. The first one increases the level of attention, and the second one helps to relax.

LM302N DAY LEDs can have a lower impact on melatonin levels in the body (18% lower) than with conventional LED lighting.

According to the manufacturer's estimates, daytime LEDs have an 18% lower impact on melatonin levels than conventional LED lighting. The LM302N DAY's color temperature ranges from 3000K to 6500K and can be used in luminaires in a variety of rooms, such as schools, offices, libraries or industrial facilities to increase the concentration of people in these rooms and make them feel more alert.

LM302N NITE LEDs are able to provide the required level of brightness without preventing the release of melatonin and help people maintain this level of hormone, as if they were in a peaceful natural environment at night. The company estimates that when lit with the LM302N NITE LEDs, the human body emits about five per cent more melatonin than with conventional LEDs, which, in turn, contributes to relaxation. The LM302N NITE LEDs are available in different colour temperatures from 1800K to 4000K.

DAY and NITE LEDs can be combined into one luminaire to help people maintain their natural circadian rhythm 24 hours a day. This version of double lighting is optimal for those who spend most of their time in the room and face the violation of biological clock.

The recently introduced LM302N family has already been launched into mass production. Made in a standard 3.0x3.0 mm housing, these LEDs can be installed in a wide variety of luminaires and are protected from moisture and high temperatures.

"One/two engines, 120/180 kWh battery and any bodywork." Bollinger introduced the patented skateboarding platform E-Chassis for commercial electric vehicles.

American startup Bollinger Motors, known for its Bollinger B1 electric crossover and Bollinger B2 electric pickup, has introduced a patented modular skateboard plattframe E-Chassis (Class 3), which can be used to create commercial electric vehicles of any kind.

According to the creators, this platform is used not only in the two announced (B1/B2), but also in future models of the brand. Due to its flexibility and modularity, it can be used as the basis for delivery vans, garbage trucks, ambulances, firefighters, minivans, etc.

By default, the E-Chassis provides a pair of motors on each axle for all-wheel drive and a 120 kWh battery with active cooling (thermal-management system). On request, the platform can only use one motor on the front or rear axle (with the corresponding drive), a 180 kWh battery and a wheelbase of a given length. The platform is also equipped with all necessary modules, including independent hydropneumatic suspension, hydraulic control system and brakes with ABS, stabilization and traction control systems, as well as the power unit, including built-in 5-15 kW charging.

Bollinger Motors plans to start producing E-Chassis platform in 2021 in parallel with Bollinger B1 electric crossover and Bollinger B2 electric pickup. It will be possible to buy it separately to create your own electric car, and the company will license it to other manufacturers of electric cars.

Recall that the Bollinger B1/B2 has an output of more than 600 hp and torque of 900 Nm, which allows acceleration up to 100 km/h in 4.5 seconds and gaining 160 km/h. From a full 120 kWh standard battery, a power reserve of 320 km (EPA) is promised, with the option of a cheaper (60 kWh) and larger (180 kWh) battery.

20-year history of Samsung smartphone cameras

Yesterday, March 12, official sales of the latest flagship smartphones Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra started in Ukraine. The jubilee line, as you know, turned out to be truly significant - new models literally in all key parameters (screen, platform, memory, camera and battery) exceed last year's Galaxy S10. The main bet in the new generation, as we noted in our review Galaxy S20 and S20+, is on the cameras.

In anticipation of the launch of global sales of the new flagship Galaxy S20, Samsung has published an interesting infographics illustrating the last 10 years of camera development in smartphones of the South Korean giant. Specifically, the picture clearly shows the key milestones in the development of cameras in the company's devices.

The first Samsung camera phone was released exactly twenty years ago in 2000 - it was a model SCH - V200, which was equipped with a photomodule 0.35 MP resolution and allowed you to take up to 20 photos. These photos could only be viewed on a PC.

Two years later, the world saw the first folding phone with a front camera for Selfie. In the image you can also find such significant camera phones as the original Galaxy S, model Galaxy S4 Zoom and others. Each new generation of the Galaxy S took mobile photography to a whole new level.

The current Galaxy S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra models, which are currently the crowning glory of creation, differ in their capabilities. Maximum capacity allows you to get the top model Galaxy S20 Ultra with a unique 108-megapixel basic module and a periscopic type telemodule, which provides 30x hybrid optical zoom and a maximum of 100x (function Space Zoom). In the latter case, artificial intelligence algorithms are included, which will make it possible to approximate one or another object without significant quality loss.

Coronavirus has disrupted the start of the season of Formula 1 championship, the season of Formula E is suspended until at least June.

The coronavirus outbreak COVID-19 continues to deny its deleterious effect on established lifestyle and traditional events. We already know about cases of cancellations of exhibitions, conferences, movie transfers. And now it's time to reduce or cancel sports events.

The start Grand Prix of Australia's Formula 1 racing series was cancelled a few hours before the start of the free races. The reason for this was the fact that one of the McLaren team members had confirmed that he had COVID-19 coronavirus. The team then decided not to participate in the Australian Grand Prix. However, later there was a meeting between the championship organizers, the FIA organization and the leaders of the other teams. Most participants agreed that the first stage of the 2020 season should be cancelled. Although some teams did offer to hold the stage without spectators, they took additional precautions. But this proposal did not receive the support of the majority.

Moreover, the organizers later considered the feasibility of holding several subsequent Grand Prix in the 2020 season calendar. As a result, the second stage (Grand Prix of Bahrain, March 20-22) and third stage (debut Grand Prix of Vietnam, April 3-5) of the 2020 season were postponed for an indefinite period. The parties will monitor the development of the coronavirus situation in the world and further decide on the possibility of holding these stages at the end of the year.

At the same time, the organizers of the Formula E series of races have decided to suspend this season at least until June. Presumably, the next stage will be held in Berlin on June 21. But the final decision on the expediency of its conduct will be taken later, based on the situation with the coronavirus pandemic, which will develop at that time. Thus, at least 6 stages of this season have been cancelled so far (in Indonesia, Sanya, Rome, Jakarta, Paris and Seoul). However, it is not excluded that they will be postponed.

The price of Bitcoin has fallen by 50% in 2 days, one of the biggest drops in the history of the crypt currency.

Many considered Bitcoin cryptovalutu as an alternative way to save money in case of economic shocks in individual countries. However, recent events have shown that in times of crisis, digital currencies are also subject to significant value fluctuations.

In the last two days, there have been big leaps in the Bitcoin course. The decline in the value of the virtual asset began on Thursday in New York. Then on Friday, the price of the largest crypt currency in Asia fell by another 32% to $3915, the lowest value since March 2019. As a result, the price fell by about 50% (from $8,000 to $4,000) for two days, and this is one of the biggest declines ever. Then, by midday in Hong Kong, most of the losses were recovered, and by 12:25 Bitcoin's price reached $5280, with the total decline for the day being 7.8%.

It should be noted that other cryptocurrencies do not feel their best either. The wider Bloomberg Galaxy Crypto Index, which tracks a basket of digital assets, reached a historic low since August 2017, down 49% in two trading sessions. Under the current circumstances, most investors have decided to convert funds into real monetary assets, said Wayne Trench, executive director of brokerage and exchange operations at OSL.

The Epic Games Store offers three indie games at once: Anodyne 2: Return To Dust, A Short Hike and Mutazione.

For the next weekend, the digital distribution store Epic Games Store has prepared another free game distribution. This week users are offered three indies of the project: Anodyne 2: Return To Dust, A Short Hike and Mutazione.

Anodyne 2: Return To Dust is an Indian adventure game. It tells the story that nano dust infects the islanders of New Zealand, distorting their emotions and desires. The player operates a nano cleaner Nova, who must explore the island in search of the sick to penetrate into their bodies and cleanse of dangerous dust. In doing so, she has to run, jump and chase through huge 3D landscapes and dive into surreal 2D dungeons inside the bodies of the characters.

Anodyne 2: Return To Dust is available for download at the following address from the Epic Games Store or through the official desktop client of the service.

A Short Hike is a casual indie platformer where the player has to walk, climb and soar among the picturesque mountain scenery of Falcon's Peak Park. As you travel, you can follow marked trails or explore the wilderness, paving your own way to the top. The player can also communicate with other wanderers, look for hidden treasures, or distract from travel and go fishing in the river or swim in the lake.

Mutazione is an Indian adventure project with a worked-out plot. It is a kind of soap opera in a mutant town full of gossip and supernatural powers. Over 100 years ago, a meteorite fell on a tropical resort. Almost all the residents died, and few survivors began to show mysterious mutations. Rescue operations quickly faded away, and the townspeople remained in a mutated environment and founded their own closed society, the Mutazione. The player will go with 15-year-old Kai to this mysterious society and take care of her grandfather who had been murdered. But things have gone wrong as planned, and Kai has other tasks and passions in a friendly society. During the adventure the player meets picturesque places, magical music gardens, new friends and old secrets.

The Mutazione game can be obtained from the Epic Games Store at the following address. The free distribution of all three projects will continue until March 19.

"Kyivstar has connected to 4G 514 more settlements in Ukraine and now provides coverage of more than 3/4 of the country's population.

Kyivstar" company reported about the next increase of 4G network coverage area in 22 regions of Ukraine. It is noted that due to the inclusion of new base stations, residents of 514 more settlements got access to high-speed mobile Internet.

In particular, 4G network coverage appeared in Belozersk, Svyatogorsk, Ostroye (Donetsk region), Zolotoye (Lugansk region) settlements, as well as in hundreds of villages in the territory where over 306 thousand people live. As a result, 4G communication services in Kyivstar network are available for more than 76% of Ukraine's population.

It is noted that for two years since the launch of 4G in Ukraine, more than 10 million subscribers have already used the opportunities of new mobile technology in the network of Kyivstar. In 2019, the volume of data traffic usage increased by 54% compared to 2018, to 4263 MB per subscriber. At the same time, over 50% of all traffic was used in 4G network.

Coming through. The "new" AMD Radeon RX 590 GME graphics card is built on a 14nm Polaris 20 GPU and doesn't surprise you.

It would seem that the new graphics architecture of Navi has already covered all segments from primary to higher middle, but AMD still can not let Polaris to the deserved peace. Just yesterday in China began selling a new graphics card Radeon RX 590 GME. At the same time came out the first reviews and confirmed that this "new" graphics card is not built on the 12nm Polaris 30, used in the series of Radeon RX 590, and the outdated 14nm crystal Polaris 20. That is, Radeon RX 590 GME is just an overclocked version of RX 580.

And the first reviews of various Radeon RX 590 GME graphics cards do not surprise us. Despite the fact that the manufacturer "squeezed out all the juices" and do not count on any significant overclocking potential here, in games Radeon RX 590 GME is inferior to the already familiar to us Radeon RX 590 by 6.1% to 19.4%.

Currently, the Radeon RX 590 GME is sold only in China at a price starting from 1200 yuan (the equivalent of 4320 hryvnia or $ 173) and there are no reports about the prospects of producing this model outside the Celestial Empire market. But given that the regular RX 590 and newer RX 5500 XT are less than 10% more expensive, everything is very clear. It's difficult to explain the release of the Radeon RX 590 GME by anything other than marketing.

Announced free cross-platform Royal Battle Call of Duty: Warzone with additional mode "Mining".

The developer of the game series Call of Duty - Infinity Ward Company - is preparing to launch a new free game in the genre of royal battle. This project is called Warzone.

The Royal Battle of Call of Duty: Warzone will be a free cross-platform project. Thus, you will not need to be the owner of the game Modern Warfare to launch. However, Call of Duty: Warzone fans, who bought the last part of the game, will have access to exclusive character skins and individual weapons.

The game will be available in two modes: the traditional "Battle of the King" and the new "Mining" mode. In the case of "Battle of the Kings" 150 players will come together on one map. These can be singles or groups of 2 or 3 people. Destroying opponents in a constantly shrinking livable area, the result will be only one player or one group. As for the Mining mode, the winner will be the group that can accumulate a million before the others. The developers have implemented a system of contracts for which players will receive weapons, money, experience and other awards. There is also a possibility to return to the battle after the defeat. The corresponding right will be able to choose in a prison fight.

Call of Duty: Warzone game should become available to users from March 10. You can join the project at the following address.

Intel Alder Lake-S processors in 2022: the long-awaited 10nm process, the new LGA1700 connector and up to 16 physical cores of different capacities

Just last week, Intel once again acknowledged the failure of its 10nm process. By the end of the second quarter (the last leaks indicate the period from April 13 to June 26) the "blue" is scheduled to release new desktop processors Comet Lake-S, which will be little different from the current CPU Coffee Lake Refresh-H) - they will retain the old 14-nanometer process and the old architecture Skylake, but will move to a new socket LGA 1200 (so far, LGA 1200), and increase the number of physical cores to ten (in the top models). They will be followed in 2021 by Rocket Lake-S - they will use the new architecture Willow Cove and Intel Xe GPU, but the technical process will remain the same (14 nm). Now in the network there are details about Alder Lake-S processors - those long-awaited 10nm Intel CPUs, which will be released after Rocket Lake-S at best in 2022.

Recent data published by PC Shopping indicates that the Alder Lake-S processor family, which is expected to debut in the 12th generation Intel Core Series, will have up to sixteen physical cores in a fundamentally different configuration. Specifically, Intel plans to use for desktop x86-compatible processors the analogue of big.LITTLE technology, successfully used in mobile ARM processors since 2011, and its modern iteration DynamIQ. Recall that big.LITTLE and DynamIQ allow you to create processors from several clusters that differ in performance. At the same time, DynamIQ provides a more flexible approach and allows you to create clusters that include completely different processor cores, while big.LITTLE - allows you to separate the core into high-performance and energy-efficient clusters.

In the case of Alder Lake-S, as we can see in the silent images, it is planned to use eight "high-performance" cores with the architecture of Golden Cove and eight "energy-efficient" cores Gracemont. Also mentioned in the table is the 6-core model, which includes only high-performance cores and built-in graphics.

Apparently, Alder Lake-S will be an evolutionary development of the Lakefield hybrid processor concept, designed to be released using the revolutionary advanced Foveros volume technology. It was for SoC Lakefield, which formed the basis of the folding Surface Neo dual screen tablet, that Intel engineers used this approach for the first time with multiple cores of different performance. Recall that Lakefield uses a single performance Sunny Cove core, 10nm energy efficient Tremont architecture cores, system logic, Gen11 graphics and 8GB of LPDDR4X-4267 system memory.

In addition, Alder Lake-S processors, which are expected to be manufactured to 10nm or 7nm technology standards, will require motherboards with a new LGA1700 socket with 1700 pins. Intel, as we know, changes processor connectors much more often than AMD. And in case of Alder Lake-S we expect to introduce PCIe 4.0 support as well. For comparison, socket AMD AM4, which debuted in 2016, will last at least one more generation: planned for release in 2021 desktop CPUs AMD Ryzen 4000, probably, will also use it, but Ryzen 5000 on architecture Zen 4, where support is expected DDR5 and PCIe 5.0 interface, will already move to a new slot.

It remains to add that Intel Comet Lake-S will be released almost a year after the current AMD Ryzen 3000, and by 2022 AMD should have ready processors with microarchitecture Zen 4, which will be released according to the norms of the technical process of 5 nm.

Google Pixel 4a smartphone lights up in a live photo, it has only one camera on the back panel

Pictures were published on Twitter and Reddit services, which allegedly depict the upcoming affordable smartphone Pixel 4a. They are consistent with previous leaks.

The worn-out Pixel 4a prototype shows a fingerprint scanner and a single main camera on the rear panel instead of the two modules available in the conventional Pixel 4 model. The self-portrait camera is located in a through hole in the upper left corner of the screen. A 3.5mm audio jack for headphones is also reported.

Other leaks partially disclose the specifications of the Google Pixel 4a smartphone. Users will receive a 5.7-inch or 5.8-inch display, a Snapdragon mid-range processor (probably 600 or 700 series) and 64GB of internal flash memory with no expansion capability.

So far, there is no exact information about when the official presentation of Pixel 4a smartphone may take place. The coronavirus outbreak and cancellation of many offline events are shifting the traditional timing of presentations.