Vodafone TV opens free access to the Amediateka TV package with fresh TV series

Another participant of the Ukrainian telecom market joined the praiseworthy initiative of Kyivstar, Viasat and Lanet companies. In order to support Ukrainians who stay home until the end of quarantine, Vodafone provided all users of Vodafone TV service with free access to the most popular Amediatek package, which contains world premieres of popular movies and TV series such as "Wild West" or "New Daddy".

In addition, all users of Vodafone TV have free access to streaming radio, as well as 24-hour news channel "Ukraine 24".

The free package Amediatek is connected for 14 days to all users with an active subscription to the Vodafone TV service. A similar offer will soon be available for new users of the service as well.

Viewing Vodafone TV is available on virtually any modern device: mobile devices and tablets with any OS, Smart TVs (Samsung and LG), home computers and laptops through a specially adapted portal tv.vodafone.ua.

You can use one Vodafone TV account on 5 different devices. To start using the service, you need to download and install the Vodafone TV application on your smartphone or tablet and connect the desired package. No packet mobile traffic is consumed when using the application.

The Vodafone TV application can be installed free of charge on a smartphone or tablet from Google Play (for Android) and App Store (for iOS) application stores, on Smart TVs from Samsung Smart Hub (for Samsung) and LG Smart World (for LG) application stores.

Recall that Vodafone also provides its customers with free prepaid quarantine access to social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest) and messengers (text and graphics messages in Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp, Skype and Snapchat).

Ming Chi Kuo: Apple can embed image stabilization with sensor shift into iPhone

Famous analyst Ming Chi Kuo shared his latest forecast of the next generation of iPhone capabilities. According to him, one of the upcoming models of the smartphone can get a system of image stabilization based on the sensor shift. Thus, the technology of image stabilization will be available for ultra-wide-angle camera module.

As Kuo notes, such technology of image stabilization may appear in the new 6.7-inch iPhone. The technology moves the image sensor inside the camera to compensate for hand shake. Image stabilization is currently only available on standard wide-angle and telephoto lenses. For these cameras, Apple uses optical image stabilization, which uses the movement of the lens (not the movement of the sensor) to compensate for shaking. It is not yet clear whether all three cameras will be converted to optical image stabilization based on sensor movement or whether some will continue to use optical image stabilization.

Kuo also talks about possible innovations that may emerge in the next few generations of the iPhone. In 2021, two or three iPhones will have Sensor Shift Image Stabilisation, he said. Then, in 2022, at least one iPhone could be equipped with a 50-10x optical zoom periscope lens. Current models of Apple smartphones feature a 2X optical magnification maximum, while digital zoom is limited to 10X.

Firefox 75 has received an updated address bar, which will allow to speed up the search.

Mozilla has updated its Firefox browser with several improvements in version 75. They are mainly focused on working with the address bar and search.

The browser will now expand the address bar in case the user wants to search. As the text is entered, the user will see a list of popular sites with larger fonts and shorter URLs.

The browser also has a "smart search" that shows additional bold keywords when typing. At the same time, the search will be able to offer search queries, which will probably help to find the information you need faster.

Clicking on the address bar will now automatically show you the most frequently visited user sites. And if a user already has one of these websites open in the tab, Firefox 75 will display a "Switch to Tab" shortcut right next to their URL.

Along with the launch of new features in the browser, Mozilla assures users that it will be able to adhere to the planned schedule for the release of Firefox in 2020, despite the coronavirus outbreak. The company says it wants to "ensure uninterrupted access to vital government and medical services. For this reason, it has made it a top priority to address certain issues and "has taken steps to avoid changes in distribution that could adversely affect user experience or disrupt websites.

Apple started selling restored iPhone Xr at $100 discount.

As we recently learned, last quarter the title of the most popular smartphone in the world went from iPhone Xr to iPhone 11. Probably, it will soon pass the baton to the new iPhone SE, but so far the status is assigned to the "11th". But to write off the iPhone Xr, which is still one of the most popular, is too early. Especially since now Apple has started selling restored versions of the iPhone Xr.

Restored iPhone Xr is available in four color options (black, yellow, white and red), with 64GB, 128GB and 256GB of built-in flash memory. Prices are $500, $540 and $630 for versions with 64GB, 128GB and 256GB of internal flash memory, which corresponds to $100-$120 savings over all new models.

In Ukrainian retail, offers for iPhone Xr start at UAH 12 thousand.

Recall that restored smartphones get new cases and batteries, and if necessary, new accessories instead of defective. In addition, in case of purchase of an officially restored device, the customer, as well as for a completely new one, gets a full set, standard annual warranty and the right to buy an extended warranty Apple Care.