Unity provides three months free access to Unity Learn Premium courses.

As part of its support for users quarantined in connection with the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic, Unity Technologies provides three months of free access to advanced training courses from Unity Learn Premium.

Although the Network has more than enough training courses on the most popular indie game engine Unity, a year ago Unity Technologies introduced the Unity Learn Premium program, which provides access to more in-depth and advanced courses. In addition to advanced lessons and tutorials for users of different levels of training, Unity Learn Premium includes biweekly live interactive Learn Live sessions with certified instructors. In addition to content created by Unity Technologies itself, the program includes lessons from partners from such popular resources as Coursera, Udemy and Pluralsight.

For business subscribers of Unity according to plans Plus and Pro, as well as for educational institutions, access to Unity Learn Premium has always been free, but for individual subscribers who use the free version of Unity, access to Learn Premium costs $ 15 per month.


Steam has updated the record for the number of players online - more than 21 million people. The previous record was set six days ago.

While YouTube and Netflix are forced to reduce the quality of traffic for European users due to too high a load on networks, Steam continues to update records for the number of simultaneous players. Judging by the Steam page, at the time of writing, the application has 21,360,226 users. This means that the record set six days ago was broken, when it was 20.3 million concurrent users.

The undisputed leader is still the CS:GO shooter with over 1 million gamers. It is followed by Dota 2 with 636 thousand and PUBG with 500 thousand players.

With the weekend approaching and coronavirus quarantine around the world continuing to gain momentum, it is highly likely that the 22 millionth bar will soon be taken.


Officially: Uber and Bolt will transport Ukrainian doctors free of charge during quarantine.

Taxi services Uber and Bolt will transport Ukrainian doctors to their workplaces and back home free of charge, they have agreed on this with the relevant ministries.

In particular, by agreement with the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and local authorities, Uber will deliver to hospitals free of charge medical workers involved in preventing and eliminating coronavirus infection in Ukraine. This agreement includes 10,000 trips, which medical workers will be able to make to get to their hospitals and workplaces.

This option will be available in cities where Uber service is available - Kyiv, Odessa, Lviv, Dnipro, Kharkiv, Zaporizhzhya and Vinnytsia. Uber has also provided free trips for blood donors to the Okhmatdet Blood Donation Center in Kyiv for the quarantine period.


Look at the new Conductor and Launch. Microsoft teases with Fluent Design's updated Windows 10 interface

This week, Microsoft celebrated an important achievement: Windows 10 has finally passed the threshold of one billion active devices. On the occasion of this landmark event, the company published a short video teaser of the updated design in Fluent Design.

The video was shared on his Instagram page by Microsoft Vice President Panos Panai, who has recently led Windows and the entire hardware business.


Facebook has introduced a new interface, including a dark mode, for all users

Social network Facebook has started a wide distribution of a new version of the site design for desktop systems. Now users can switch to a new version of the interface or continue working in their usual environment.

So, if someone doesn't have access to a new version of the design right now, this feature should be available soon.

Like the redesign of the mobile app last year, the new desktop look of the site provides faster access to some of the main Facebook features and uses a more concise and simple design with lots of free space. The redesign also includes larger fonts and more elegant icons. In addition, users can now access dark mode and a simplified look with fewer columns of information to view.

The Facebook stories have been moved over the Status Update field. A little above the "Histories" section is an updated menu bar containing several tabs that were previously located in the left corner of the screen, such as "Events" and "Marketplace".